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SharpLine – Relaunch 2014

360º Flipbook Animation by Send2Scan
360º Flipbook Animation by Send2Scan

Twinpictures project managed and developed the single page web relaunch of SharpLine, a creative sign-making company located in Aalten, Netherlands. The project was a team effort with graphic design by Kevin Durukan of KEDU Werbeagentur, photography by G2. Project acquisition was through our Twin friends at Die-Zwillinge.

Casio Watch 360º Scans

Casio Europe is now featuring 360º scans on select models of G-Shock, Baby-G, Edifice, Casio Collection and Casio Funkuhren watches. Watches that feature the 360º are marked with the following spin icon: 360_icon.

Casio G-Shock watch going for a 360º spin
Casio G-Shock watch going for a 360º spin
Send2Scan developed special mounting rigs and shooting techniques to deliver 25 high quality 360º scans in two days of production. The final 360º packages where integrated online by Casio’s web agency Hatraco.

The full collection of Casio watches with 360º Scans—along with HD Video and down-n-dirty 3D scans—is available on Send2Scan.

Bert Kaempfert – Relaunch 2014

Kaempfert.de is a complete digital archive of the music of Bert Kaempfert. There are over 560 songs and 83 albums in the Bert Kaempfert discography, making this site one of the more complex WordPress projects we have ever developed. In addition to songs and albums, each composer, arranger, musician, recording studio and publisher are digitally represented in this vast collection.

T(-) Countdown Control

Update: On 11 June, 2014, T(-) Countdown Control v1.5 popped fresh out of the Plugin Oven. For a detailed overview of the new features please see the T(-) Countdown v1.5 Release Notes.

The T(-) Countdown Control premium plugin for WordPress has been re-built from the ground up. Version 1.5 is currently undergoing final testing and is scheduled to be released in early June 2014. Some of the new features of version 1.5 include:

  • New plugin options page to set global default values
  • New Cookie feature for dynamic Strtotime launches
  • New countdown style: leia
  • Many other improvements and updates

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Collapse-Pro-Matic is a premium WordPress plugin that extends the features of our popular, free Collapse-O-Matic plugin.

Collapse Pro Matic Features

  • Expanded options page to set the default values for shortcode attributes
  • Cookies may be used to save the state of each expand element
  • Multiple targets are able to be controlled by a single trigger
  • Detailed documentation
  • Upgrades are free and automated via dashboard updates

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TASKmanager – Multiuser Task Management

To keep all members of a team on the same page, everyone needs to know what the daily tasks are. TASKmanager software has been written to simplify and share the status of things that need to get done. TASKmanager is a simple, online to-do list management system for teams. Each user can enter appointments and tasks to there own day plan, or share tasks with others.
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