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Online Training Program – cosmetic GMP

bdf_cosmetic_gmp Twinpictures designed and built cosmetic GMP, an online training program for BDF Beiersdorf to verify that all the international hubs where being trained and tested on Good Manufacturing Practices. The program consisted of 12 GMP training modules with activities, testing and student tracking. Built in Flash/AS3, the program was delivered as SCORM 2004 modules using the internal BDF SharePoint platform.

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Sign-language Video Lexicon

Olympus Video Lexicon
Olympus Video Lexicon

Sign-language, like all languages, contains an extensive vocabulary. This interactive video lexicon provides a first impression of German sign language. With the Olympus Video Lexicon, 32 words from four different areas are introduced and then used in a sentence.

This online training program was created for Dialogue Social Enterprise, a well-known international social enterprise that organises exhibitions and workshops such as Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in Silence to break down the barriers between disabled and non-disabled people. In this context, the video lexicon was translated into several languages ​​and presented at various Dialogue in Silence exhibitions and museums worldwide.

A demo version of the Video Lexicon is available.