Online Training Program – cosmetic GMP

bdf_cosmetic_gmp Twinpictures designed and built cosmetic GMP, an online training program for BDF Beiersdorf to verify that all the international hubs where being trained and tested on Good Manufacturing Practices. The program consisted of 12 GMP training modules with activities, testing and student tracking. Built in Flash/AS3, the program was delivered as SCORM 2004 modules using the internal BDF SharePoint platform.

The Situation

Beiersdorf AG is a leading international company of branded consumer products for skin and beauty care. World renowned brands including NIVEA, Eucerin, and la prairie are brought to market by over 17,000 employees at more than 150 global locations. First-class service and product quality is achieved through a process-oriented supply chain integrated across all production and logistics centers.
BDF achieves global standardisation of the product and processes at each production center by using Good Manufacturing Practices. The GMP guideline (BDF cosmetic GMP) is part of a total quality management system that aims to reduce, eliminate and anticipate any deficiency in quality. The GMP conform manufacture, storage and control processes to create consistently reliable product quality and safety standards. In many parts of the world it is a legal requirement to produce cosmetics in conformity with GMP rules. The GMP guideline is a binding requirement for all BDF production centers.

To help successfully communicate the GMP guidelines across all production centers, Twinpictures developed a BDF cosmetic GMP Training program.

This integrated campaign helped expand on the existing GMP guideline, verify that GMP concepts are being effectively communicated and provide quick and engaging reference tools for all employees.

The Objectives

  • Create an engaging on-line GMP training curriculum
  • Include video elements to accurately demonstrate best practices
  • Include tests and tracking that ensure employees have viewed and understand basic GMP concepts
  • Provide an exciting showpiece for internal on-line training
  • Integrate stylised GMP documentation to match on-line modules

The Value

  • Improved communication of GMP guidelines
  • Control that all employees receive and understand GMP standards
  • Control review of GMP standards at regular intervals
  • Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue